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The official online home of Australian singer, songwriter and musician, Cookie Baker. Warm melodies, cool wordsmithery and a sugar-velvet voice wrapped in whimsical guitar ‘n’ piano licks and flecked with hauntingly sparse strings and barnyard percussion – Australian singer/songwriter Cookie Baker is a pint-sized force to be reckoned with. She has a heart as big as the raven hair on her head, and she'll spoil you rotten with heartbreaking tales of lost love, found habits and suddenly finding your best friend REALLY attractive. If you like your toes to curl with pleasure whilst you bawl into your cup of tea (or absinthe), you'll do just fine with Cookie Baker. Thank you for visiting! x

‘She Hangs Brightly’ – Thurs Apr 16 (MELB) & Sat Apr 25 (SYD)

She Hangs Brightly

No. 3 in my series of ‘unplugged’ music videos with Melbourne filmmaker, Daniel Nolan…

You can also view this and other videos in this series on my YouTube channel here.

I Am An Eye

Cookie Baker / Irving Baby!

A new little video for you!

Anglesea Music Festival – October 18 – 20 2013!

Jump to for all details, including ticketing info. What a simply gorgeous way to spend the weekend!


Anglesea Music Festival

‘Sun Rising: The Songs That Made Memphis’ at Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013!

Sun Rising: The Songs That Made Memphis

NYC, I’m a-comin’ and I CAN’T WAIT to meet you!

Holly Poster 2013 FA Small


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