Un Adieu Doux, L’etain Chat! – October 2016

Fare thee well, Tincat!

It’s with bittersweetness that Adelaide’s beloved Tincat Cafe Restaurant & Gallery waves goodbye to 20 years – a beautiful heritage building steeped in history, a pioneering family business, a creatively supportive team, an innovation in Adelaide’s dining landscape, and always encouraging of the creative community it nurtured and providing a space where this could be presented.

So with this in mind and wanting to do our bit, we’ll be presenting two shows that echo our Adelaide Fringe Festival performances of 2008, 2009 and 2012 – intimate, magical live performances which Claire, Dave, Ruby, Lainey and the Tincat team, past and present, helped us bring to fruition and sell out 15 shows (and let us name their cocktails after the band members, but that’s another story).

We hope you can join us – Cookie, Jaan, Ty, Felicity and Duncan and supported by original Tincat Cookie bass player, Tim Moore, with his gorgeous Australiana folk – for these shows under the stars. There are two performances back-to-back – Saturday evening October 29 and a family-friendly afternoon on Sunday October 30.

All details and tickets available here (or by clicking the poster image). Facebook event right here.
Send your SA-based or visiting loved ones along – it’s gonna be a beaut weekend!

Un Adieu Doux, L’etain Chat!

Xxx Cookie B.



August/September 2016

Last year, I left my heart in San Francisco. This year, I went back to find it.


Oh, hello!

Isn’t it funny how endlessly fascinated and surprised we are by the passing of time? It STILL knocks us sideways, we never get used to it, one of the three certainties in life – death, taxes and… the passing of time. Every year, each month, every passing day. Not to mention what it must be like for all the parents out there! I am not a parent and I can’t even begin to imagine what that must be like! I am constantly blown away by our ability to experience, achieve and evolve during certain periods of time. None more so, for me personally, than the past two years. A little over – since June 2014. What has changed, what has surprised. The heartbreak, the elation and the lessons.

It has been a little time since my last newsletter. I have just returned from my second trip to the Bay Area in California, USA, mentoring young girls and gender non-conforming youth through the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp, a program that not only immediately affected me by witnessing its ability to empower its young attendees and its encouragement of community and collaboration through music, but that I knew upon arrival that this would become a huge part of my life for years to come.

This year, I was lucky to spend two months in the Bay with the program. It has been some of the most challenging work I have ever done, yet also the most rewarding, the most important and, without a doubt, the most fun. It’s an absolute joy and a privilege to work with these incredible kids and the staff and fellow mentors who keep the cogs oiled, polished and turning. I’ve never seen more dedicated, focused and adaptable workers.


I was also lucky to be invited back to Sofar Sounds San Francisco to perform in a special ‘alumni’ show, met some people who have changed my life forever and reconnected with those who did the same last year, experienced rugged landscape so beautiful it took my breath away and slept under the stars and open sky possibly bigger than that which I grew up with in rural South Australia (if that’s possible!) and, of course, stompin’ my way through many, many bars, meeting and sharing with the communities and motley crew families in which that pub culture I hold so dear so warmly accepts and welcomes.


And now I’m back from the cloak of the California sun, into the pouring rains of the Australian Winter that I love so dearly. There are shows to be played, songs to be sung. Stories to be written, stories to be shared. I’m excited as holy heck for the next chapter. Read on for what’s to come over the upcoming Spring. It’s an honour to be able to share with you, and I never, ever take for granted how lucky I am to be able to do so.

Xxx Cookie B.